Introducing JdN Associates

John de Newtown Associates, formed in 1990, specialises in project management training and consultancy. We offer clients the benefit of our substantial expertise in designing and delivering training programmes, facilitating project team workshops, supporting project management development initiatives and providing specialist consultancy services. We serve a broad client base both international organisations as well as smaller firms in sectors including Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering, Aerospace, Defence, Process, Power Industries, Information Technology and Consultancy.

We operate as an ‘open network’ of consultants who come from a wide range of corporate backgrounds and support clients in the way that is most appropriate. Clients can choose whether to ask us to provide a co-ordinated ‘one-stop shop’ approach to a problem or alternatively to work directly with an individual consultant. You will find the contact information for each associate with their biographical details.

In addition to our core expertise in project management, we also have close links with other established consultants who specialise in related fields, including:

  • sales and marketing
  • business finance and accountancy
  • human resources
  • commercial and legal
In this way, we are able to help clients to develop integrated business programmes, design complementary training modules or gain access to expert advice in these areas.

In working with clients we aim to establish a productive partnership, using our capabilities and skills to help them achieve their business goals. We believe in spending time in the early stage of each assignment to clarify the intended aims and benefits and to agree achievable goals. If an assignment requires expertise or experience outside of our core strengths we will assist the client in identifying other specialists who can provide the skills and service required.