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The PRISM Test®

PRISM Test® for the action stage
PRISM Test® for completed projects
PRISM Test® Radar Plot

The STAR System®

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Managing the Project Portfolio

A checklist of key issues - Questionnaire

Management programmes

Introducing Project Management – is for those new to project management needing to understand the fundamental concepts and some essential tools and techniques

Effectively Managing Smaller Projects – deals with the challenges of managing a number of smaller projects or work assignments in a multi-project, multi-disciplinary environment

Successful Project Management – provides the essential concepts, models, tools and techniques for anyone leading projects of significance within their organisation

Successfully Managing R&D Projects - The aim of this programme is show how the key principles and techniques of successful project management can be adapted and applied effectively to R&D projects

Effective Project Leadership - The programme focuses on the leadership skills required of project managers and will benefit anyone involved in managing projects large or small

The Professional Project Manager – is for experienced project managers who are looking to hone their skills and manage projects from a strategic as well as operational perspective

Project Management For Profit – explains how to deliver projects that satisfy customers in a contractual context where profit, cash flow, and commercial risks are also vital concerns

Specialist programmes

Project Planning And Risk Management – provides an in-depth review of planning, estimating, scheduling and risk management methods, tools and techniques

Effective Technical Writing - designed to help those involved in creating technical documents by making the task as simple and productive as possible

Writing Effective Specifications – is essential for those involved in creating written specifications for purchasing or supply of materials, equipment, products or services