Introducing the PRISM Test®

The PRISM Test allows you to conduct an appraisal of the key parameters that constitute effective project management on your projects and identify and resolve potential problem areas before they become critical. It can be used by individual Project Managers but is even more effective when used by the whole team to agree areas for improvement. To find out more about the PRISM Test methodology, read Understanding The PRISM Test®

The PRISM Test® provides a project management performance index which can be used in a number of different ways. It can form the basis for ensuring projects are on track at each major stage gate and facilitate a smooth handover where the project transfers from one team to another e.g. between bidding and delivery teams. It can also be used to track management performance during the project and provide an early warning of many classic project problems e.g. scope creep or increasing risk exposure. To understand how to use the PRISM Test®, read Applying the PRISM Test® and then download a free trial version of The PRISM Test® for your own personal use and try it on one of your projects.

If you would like to consider using the PRISM Test® more widely in your business we would be delighted to help you create a test that is tailored specifically to your projects and your organisation.