Top tips for effective training

The benefits of effective training in project management are significant, with clients reporting more projects delivering on time and within budget as a result of:

  • more problem prevention with less fire-fighting
  • project teams adopting best practice methods
  • an increased awareness of the importance of effective teamwork
  • individuals learning how to apply project tools and techniques
  • clearer understanding of individual roles and responsibilities
  • project personnel working together to promote learning and development

Here are some tips to help you get the maximum benefit from your training initiative:

  • make training events part of a continuous improvement programme
  • appoint a suitable ‘sponsor’ who will oversee the training initiative
  • define delegates’ training needs carefully and with their involvement
  • ensure training content, format and models used are appropriate
  • get buy-in to the programme by all senior management
  • prepare to support delegates in applying new ideas after the event
  • ensure the training is at a convenient time and a suitable venue
  • avoid off-the-shelf training programmes that are not company oriented

We are committed to providing project management training that is tailored to meet the client’s specific development goals and supported by the client organisation so that real benefits are attained. We ask clients to nominate sponsors for their programmes and with whom we can work in partnership to provide training that is designed to address the relevant topics in a manner which will be most effective for the intended audience.