Developing Project Team Performance


Effective teams must have all the competencies required to carry out their responsibilities; however it is well known that the best teams are also diverse in terms of aptitudes and personalities. Team performance therefore depends on the extent to which individuals combine their skills and talents towards achievement of the team goals.

Accelerating the team development cycle

The team development model originally published by Bruce Tuckman explains the typical stages of team development. In the case of project teams the cycle is often repeated with team members leaving and joining as the project progresses. This ‘re-forming/storming/norming’ process can significantly reduce team performance unless there are mechanisms to promote and accelerate team member engagement and integration.

Effective leadership is widely recognised as central to the development of team performance; however, this can all too easily lead to a ‘top-down’ mind-set where decisions are seen as the job of more senior people. This discourages individual initiative and involvement, stifles creativity and weakens commitment. Significant improvements can therefore be made through greater individual engagement and participation.

The benefit of STAR project workshops

The STAR workshop methodology is a generic framework that helps project teams engage in a review of current performance and agree how to make improvements. A STAR project workshop will result in significant performance improvement through the use of facilitated activities that promote e.g. team based creativity, problem solving and decision making. To obtain maximum benefit from a STAR workshop, the techniques deployed are carefully aligned with the stage of the project and the specific needs of the team.

The STAR workshop methodology can be used to complement an existing PM process where this is available; however, where this is not the case, the STAR System provides a complete suite of processes, techniques and diagnostics that can tailored as required.